One of the core principles of AMP is to provide a consistently FAST experience to end-users.

The Google AMP Cache is a one of the key ingredients to delivering a near instant experience.

This Content Delivery Network is designed to collect, optimize and serve any valid AMP Content

with reduced latencies, and with image and network optimizations.

The architecture integrates deeply with the AMP Cache to provide a fast-loading experience, independant from the original scaling capabilities of your data-sources.

Anatomy of a Request

  1. The incoming request hits the AMPize server
  2. AMPize retrieves the content from the AMP Cache
  3. Existing contents are directly served from the AMP Cache
  4. The AMP Cache gets automatically updated, every 15 seconds from the original data-source. (Auto-Update time-frames will evolve over time.)

As a result, your AMP website will be easily scalable, and able to handle all of the incoming traffic while your original data-source will be protected by the AMP Cache.