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Give your customers the perfect user journey they expect today on the mobile web and get the profit you deserve by increasing traffic, engagement and loyalty.


  1. Get featured in “Top Stories”
  2. AMP pages can be displayed in the “Top stories” section at the top of the search results page, giving you an instant SEO boost, whatever your actual ranking may be.

  3. Easy identification
  4. The AMP logo allows mobile users to quickly identify constantly fast loading mobile pages.

  5. Rich Snipets
  6. AMP pages for a topic or search are grouped into rich carousels, in a visual attractive way.


No matter what, faster is better and less is more. It's no secret that users expect a fast mobile experience. If there is too much friction, the will abandon your site and move on.

Publishers whose mobile sites load in 5 seconds earn up to 2x more mobile ad revenue than those whose sites load in 19 seconds.

>> Estimate your ROI <<

Learn what you could expect from shifting to AMP/PWA either with custom development or by using Saas offer with our AMP ROI calculator:


Progressive Web Apps offers all the goodness of websites with new app-like capabilities:

  1. Access via Homescreen icon on device
  2. Enable users to seamlessly re-engage with your content by adding your app to their home screen, without download time and installation process.

  3. Push Notifications
  4. Send instant or recurring system level notifications, like apps, even when the browser is closed.

  5. Offline support
  6. Provide a good experience on flaky or no network connections.

A collaborative project

Just like the AMP project, AMPize embodies the values of open development, sharing and co-operation, and was initiated by a consortium of international media companies including French, Belgian and British publishers.

Funded by Google's DNI

The AMPize project received a financial support from the Google Digital News Initiative, a fund created to support and stimulate innovation in digital news journalism.